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  • Les expressions anglaises - blog de Pedro

    10 juin 2015

    La langue anglaise est pleine d’expressions en tout genre, que ce soit pour exprimer le temps qu’il fait, donner un conseil… En voici quelques-unes qui ont retenu mon attention : A little bird told me....

  • Apple Inc.

    20 mai 2015

    Logo monochrome de la marque Apple Inc. is an american multinational company that designs and markets consumer electronics, personals computers and softwares. Among the most famous products of the company are the Macintosh computers, the Iphone and the...

  • The World Wide Web

    25 mars 2015

    Historic Logo of the World Wide Web by Robert Cailliau. The World Wide Web (www) is a public hypertext system working in Internet. The web provides access, with a browser, pages accessible in sites. The image of the web comes of the hyperlinks linking...

  • The Big Ben

    15 avril 2015

    The Big Ben is the nickname of the big bell installed in the tower named Elizabeth Tower, or formerly Clock Tower, of the Westminster Palace, which is the seat of the Houses of Parliament, in London. The building faces Thames, between the Westminster’s...

  • Goodbye:

    17 juin 2015

    I will not be here during the holidays, I apologize for not being able to post articles in this summer. See You!!!

  • The King of Random-Blog de Pedro

    10 juin 2015

    The King of Random is a cool youtube channel. This man does EVERYTHING!

  • Le polyglotte

    10 juin 2015

    Matthew speaks 9 languages and works at Babbel, developing courses. This is an extraordinary man.


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